Day 13.

I have been angry. Really angry. Depressed. Anxious. My energy has been going through big extremes- I feel excellent first thing in the morning, then in the afternoon, it’s like a plane coming to a bumpy landing. 

I think I’m detoxing from all the grease, sugar and other deliciousness. 

Other than the emotional problems, (haha) not dining out hasn’t been that hard, honestly. I don’t miss it that much yet- minus Chipotle. Dining out was also a big part of my social life! I am really just realizing how much time I occupied with going to restaurants! 

I’ve started back up on Vitamin B & I’m hoping that will help the energy problems. 


  My mid afternoon angry face. 

The scale hasn’t budged so it’s officially time to integrate exercise. I’ll start by walking because honestly I don’t think I have the energy for anything else. 

Here we go.  
#diabetes #weightloss


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