Day 18 of 365.

Just to be completely transparent, I have had 4 salads not from home. Two were from a salad bar at our local co-op, two were from a restaurant near my job (ordered to-go.) So far my 4 cheats have been because of lack of planning on my part- not bringing enough snacks to work / hanging out with friends and needed something to eat. 

I am a hairstylist and on Saturday I happened to cut hair on a young doctor. He discussed with me the importance of eating more kale, broccoli and other leafy greens- uncooked

  Credit: ifunny.co
I just can’t stomach the stuff. The texture is like rubber to me. Naturally, I decided to juice it… But I don’t really have a great juicer. I did some online research and decided on this one. I’m hoping to find some low-glycemic juice recipes. I’m thinking carrots, beets, kale. My biggest concern is keeping the fucker clean cuz I’m super lazy. The other thing I learned was that I could store some juice for up to 24 hrs in the fridge, so that’s helpful. 

Wish me luck to not vomit. 

#diabetes #weightloss #juicing 

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